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Model Wizard is a set of Eclipse plug-ins that support Information Modeling using EMF/UML2. The Wizard is designed as a pluggable infrastructure which abstracts the underlying model so that multiple model technologies can be supported. An abstraction interface is also provided for output transformations which allow the model or parts of the model to be saved as implementation artifacts or other forms.


Two existing model abstractions are available, these are :


Model Wizard is licensed under the BSD License.


Once installed, online documentation is available within Eclipse to explain the available features and usage.


Please raise all support and functionality requests within the SouceForge project itself at

The source code is also available there...

Contributions and fixes will be welcome ....


The model wizard as checked in consists of three plug-ins:

Model Wizard: contains all the Model Independent functionality. Also exposes a Model Abstraction extension point that can be used to 'add' models to the Wizard.

CIM V2: The plug-in fulfills the Model Abstraction extension point. with an abstraction that works with XMLCIM files. The existing plug-in provides two extensions - one for V10 Experimental, one for 2.10 Final.

Chameleon: This plug-in fulfils the Model Abstraction extension point with a UML2 model. It also includes various transformation outputs.

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